Data center cabling

The new, improved product range DCCS2 (Date Center Compact Solution Edition 2) was specifically developed for data centers and their needs, and has been adapted substantially to meet customer requirements in this area. The scope of delivery was also extended to include solution-oriented products. The new DCCS2 range of products offers pre-configured copper cables with 6-port RJ45 modules, pre-configured fiber-optic cables with 6-port LC-D modules, 6-port E2000DC modules, pre-configured fiber-optic-EVZ cables with one-sided 6-port LC-D modules, 6-port E2000DC modules and 12-port LC-D modules MPO technology. On just one height of unit, 48 RJ45 ports or 48 LC-D and/or 48 E2000DC ports, as well as combinations of RJ45 and fiber-optic cables can be located.